Nixxis Contact Suite

The last generation of
virtual contact center solution.

Combining the latest generation of IP based unified communication with best-in-class industry exclusive functionalities, Nixxis Contact Suite helps you gain 15 to 20% productivity and profitability in your call centre compared to any other suite on the market.


Nixxis Contact Suite is the last generation unified contact center software solution. It transforms your call center operations giving a single, unified platform for a full breadth of customer contact capabilities for inbound, outbound, voice portal, Internet contact, multichannel self-service and proactive contact capabilities and collaboration functionality. NCS will enhance business processes throughout your organisation by incorporating some of the industry smartest functionalities like profit based routing, multi-wave campaigns or team overflow. It combines with the latest feature-rich, high-availability, next-generation IP communication platforms and exclusive Amazon based cloud services enabling you to benefit from the highest possible flexibility in service allocation combined with industry leading profitability and productivity components.

Key differentiator

  • Native virtual multimedia approach
  • Channel interaction switching
  • Business process driven, no need for re-engineering
  • Multi-wave campaigns
  • Profit based routing & dialling
  • Team overflow
  • Optimized predictive dialler algorithms
  • Intelligent end of call list management
  • Business driven supervision
  • Ready during wrap-up possibility
  • Multiple active sessions
  • Switch between sessions
  • Entry-level & Advanced scripting tools

Nixxis offers the all-in-one software Nixxis Contact Suite. A visionary and flexible solution that has been designed by anticipating all future needs of contact centers in terms of customer interactions (phone, email, chat, sms, social networks).

Nixxis Contact Suite


Combining the latest generation of IP based unified communication with best-in-class industry exclusive functionalities, Nixxis Contact Suite will help you gain 15 to 20% productivity and profitability in your call centre compared to any other suite on the market.

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Nixxis Cloud


Investing ever more scarce capital into ever changing infrastructure has proven to be a risky bet for most corporation needing to flexibly follow the market trends. The call centre software Nixxis Cloud brings you best of both worlds.

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Inbound ACD


Making sure your most valuable call centre agents are available for handling customer interactions requires and combination of process and skills oriented organization together with maximum machine intelligence and configuration capabilities.

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Outbound Dialler


Nixxis Contact Suite dialling function is an industry standard to work on all kinds of outbound campaigns and provides a complete set of dialling options. Depending on the outbound call volume per campaign there is always one of the best option available.

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Multimedia Agent


In order to keep training time of agents to a strict minimum, we have simplified the call center agent interfaces to easy to grasp ergonomic commands using colour codes and allowing agents to easily interchange their working position.

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The NCS e-Mail engine ensures that your SLA’s are respected and that all e-mails request are for example answered within 24 hours. This has a major impact on the customer satisfaction and it subsequent purchase or repurchase rate in the case of a loyal customer.

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Chat is a conversational engine between people through a digital medium. It is more interactive than e-mail and looks more like a telephone or SMS conversation. Besides e-mail, chat is an important medium within and between organizations. Increasingly, seen as too intrusive people do not call anymore but contact digitally. Chat provides a good compromise.

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Call centre blending campaigns

Email, chat and telephony, all those communication channels are used in and between organizations. All these media are expected to be handled quickly. Outbound call center campaigns will be blended in an intelligent way so that the load is shared between the allocated agents.

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Profit Based Routing

profit base routing call centre

Profit based routing responds to both the customers’ and the contact centre management’s expectations. As it remains easy to administer, profit based routing will change the way contact centres are operated, resulting in lower costs and more satisfied customers.

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Voice Portal / IVR

IVR speech workflow

Nixxis offers a complete range of latest-generation interactive voice response servers. These can be integrated in the whole interaction workflow in order to get more information from the contact like subscription number, etc… which cannot be deducted from its call number.

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call centre supervision

It is necessary to monitor call center agents acting on several contacts to provide guidance as and when appropriate. How to perform the agents individually, how long standing contacts on hold, what are the results of the campaigns?

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call centre administrator

You can have hundreds of agents, tens of supervisors but you will mainly have a few Administrator. So, everything is done to make their life easy as these precious IT experts need to be productive to keep you Contact Centre within its business objectives.

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call centre recording

One fundamental aspect of quality is the replay of the customer interactions conducted. It’s part of coaching process for the call center agents, for checking appointments and adding information for the customers. It is also useful when a customer gives a verbal agreement to be executed (voice log), but there are more options to consider. It is of course valid for all media’s (voice, email, chat, etc…

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call centre reporting

Everything that happens is kept in the NCS database. The historical database contains all information about what agents have done, what happened to the various customer contacts and how they were closed / qualified (Qualifications). Everything is written in an open database. This gives the flexibility to the NCS Reporting Tool.

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scripting for call centre

Answering the phone is one thing, but the way the phone call is used is another. Without too much training an call center agent should be able to be productive for a company or a project on which he is allocated. Clear communication about this is a must also sometimes for legal reasons (what can be said or not). This objective is achieved through the scripts in NCS.

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call centre monitoring engine

Nixxis Contact Suite Preventive Monitoring module makes sure that everything is running fine within the system and that no problem of software or hardware faults will compromise your daily call center operations.

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