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“Virtual PBX Service”, although this might seem very complicated and appear to require a great deal of technological know-how in order to understand, that is not the case…well not completely, at least. In the spirit of taking things slowly, let’s break it down. Private Branch eXchange is the full name hidden under the abbreviation PBX. PBX could be described as a private system of telephone exchange designed to serve one and only one organization, most commonly a business. The initial use of PBX systems was to enable companies to use in – house operators in order to have control over their internal phone systems.

Today, the situation is slightly different: the phone lines of companies are used to route different types of technologies that include computer modems and fax machines, in addition to connecting calls. It is important to state that the use of PBX systems is something that was of great interest to those companies that were in the process of accepting VoIP (abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol). However, it was also important that the utilization of PBX systems was performed in a way that required no resources whatsoever. The solution – a Hosted PBX system, which is a business telephone system based on the practice of a private VoIP system being managed by an outside company.

By-P Office makes it affordable and easy to connect to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our communications solutions meet the needs of any type of business in any industry, from home offices to large enterprises.

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By-P Office is a new-generation cloud based communications tools that offers all the features of your traditional PBX along with the latest functionality enabled by the use of VoIP technology.

By-P Office integrates easily with your business applications, seamlessly integrating your desktop and your office into one interconnected system.

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